Great Alternative Search Engine to Google

When looking to search the World Wide Web for certain web search results a few search engines are available and stand above Yahoo, Bing, Dogpile (which I love the domain name), Yandex, and of course Google. In my opinion the best alternative is DuckDuckGo which officially launched September 2008 by Gabriel Weinberg.

Privacy is one prime example of DuckDuckGo-it does not track its users. Your location is never sent to DuckDuckGo servers, even when you allow a third party to collect your geolocation. DuckDuckGo offers limited third-party tracking protection, third-party cookie protection, CNAME cloaking protection, limited device fingerprint protection from third parties, link tracking removal, Google AMP replacement, and do-not-track requests.

One additional feature that I would like for DuckDuckGo to implement is a wide scale News Aggregator service like Google News or Bing News. Presenting a continuous flow of content links to articles organized from thousands of publishers and magazines is another great selling point for DDG – make available for AndroidiOS, and the Web. Being a native resident of the State of Pennsylvania and DDG headquartered there I try to stay loyal to homegrown companies (although not a current resident).

Another selling point is the blatant censorship that Google conducts – when you have time simply put identical searches in Google and DDG and you will be absolutely shocked at what is presented on the first results page, try an example of COVID-19 or President Trump it is honestly astonishing at the discrepancy of content which is presented and returned. It is certainly tough to change search habits but make a concerted effort to set DDG as your browser landing home page and give it 30 days and see if you missed anything in that timeframe.

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