Abortion and the Divide in America

You always see commentary and articles detailing how decisive the Abortion issue is in America. But does it have to be? If you take a common sense approach to this topic what is the best way to solution? Of course it starts at home – teaching your sons and daughters to be responsible, respect for themselves, avoid the outside influence of peers, so-called reality stars, and highly sexualized musicians. Let’s take it a step further.

When you allow shows like Teen Mom, Keeping Up with The Kardashians, 90 Day Fiance, Dating Around, Love Island to permeate your family routine it skews the true life reality. Growing up and life as a whole is tough enough with trying to put food on the table, clothing on your back and roof over your head you don’t need all this outside noise impacting your ability to raise your family.

Solution and it doesn’t get any easier than this – learn self-respect and self-control – avoid high risk promiscuous behavior and having casual sexual relations frequently with different partners Lacking standards in the choice of sexual partners. If your body is the only self perceived asset that you have to offer than you better look in the mirror and figure out what you can bring to a relationship.

Some will say it is a much more complex issue – no it really isn’t at all, others will say what about cases of incense, rape and sexual assault, life and well-being of the mother etc. those are going to be less than 1% of total abortion cases and in those cases consultation should occur with family medical professional to determine the right approach.

When you get stupid and have a night of drinking, wearing clothing and outfits that show more skin than not – act compulsively without careful judgment that behavior will corrode your self-esteem and only lead to grief, pain and anger. Roe v. Wade being overturned was a great thing giving the individual states the power to push this topic back to the people to vote on different initiatives and not to the Federal Government is absolutely the best outcome and solution.

It really is the easiest “social issue” to solve and move past it is controlled by each individual person and not by any governing body whether federal or state. Ladies and Girls don’t spread your legs for every Tom, Dick and Harry while staying classy and Men and Boys keep your sausage sized appendage zipped up safely in your boxers.

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