Did you happen to catch live or replay of the news conference catastrophe? In life you have choices such what you eat, and type of foods go into your body, where you want work and what career path you choose, who you want to spend your life with – what characteristics in a partner.

One thing that certainly is clear and transparent is that the current President of the United States is mentally compromised – you can certainly look up dementia and the early signs and symptoms such as disorientation, irritability, mental decline, memory loss and jumbled speech and all of those things were on full display during this 12 minute plus new conference. Any political pundit and talking head who disagrees is an absolute fucking moron. This was painful at best to watch because regardless of the situation watching someone deteriorate in real-time is somewhat heart breaking.

Joe Biden of course is not making the decisions he is simply the political puppet while in the background the puppet master(s) are pulling the strings and destroying the United States of America.

For those who aren’t familiar with the song “Long Black Train” song by country music star Josh Turner released in May 2003 it is simply about resisting temptation from the Devil. For the sake of the country someone needs to tell this man that his time has passed, and he needs to resign or not pursue another run for presidency. First elected to public office January 3, 1973, when he defeated. J. Caleb Boggs – he has accomplished nothing in Washington, DC that has benefitted this country and its citizens and he continues along with the puppet master(s) to wreak havoc on a daily basis not only domestically but internationally.

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