The “Bloodbath” Heard Around the World?

Here is a perfect example of what the mainstream media does with keywords, buzzwords, catch phrases – to instill fear and chaos in the general public. Would this be the same type of “bloodbath” like the summer of 2020 when the left used the death of George Floyd to incite, rouse, excite the weak members of society to burn, steal and murder throughout the country.

This past weekend during a President Trump rally held in Ohio – check out the full rally for yourself with the Rumble video. While discussing the automotive industry and the construction of multiple new car plants in Mexico by China to manufacture EV cars and the importing to the US Markets would be an economic disaster for the Big 3 United States Auto companies – he mentioned that under his next presidency that those vehicles would be hit with 100% tariff thus creating a wedge and stopgap to China.

Having someone like Elon Musk with a social media platform that reaches billions and make the commonsense statement of “Legacy Media Lies” is such a breath of fresh air. With this type of hard push back to the elite media establishment you can feel the tide turning. For additional clarity you can see what the true definition and focus in on number (3) .

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