The Democrat Party: Party of Chaos and Havoc

Watching Newsmax on Saturday evening just after Iran initiated drone and missile attacks on State of Israel – it became crystal clear that our current US Government and Biden Administration is incompetent and in total disarray. Since January 2021 after the flawed and skeptical 2020 Presidential election this nation has been on a downward spiral and seemingly it will only take a return to a Trump presidency and administration to correct this negative downturn.

The Democrat playbook is pretty simple and straight-forward they want to create as much chaos, disarray, instability and confusion as possible in your life and as a nation. When your personal life is embedded and surrounded with this type of negative environment such as no father presence and single mother household, living from paycheck to paycheck with no disposable income and even if you did Democrats would want you to drink that at the local nightclub or bar or go to the Vape Store and purchase some cannabis and smoke that income away certainly not to strengthen the family unit’s financial position or aid in the case of emergency- struggling to pay monthly rent, purchase groceries, pay your power / electricity bill, cell phone expense, water and sewer, auto and home insurance, childcare expense, paying for gasoline this creates a very stressful and demoralizing experience and the Democrats want your personal life like this because you’ll become more likely to look to the government to take care of you, stronger dependence and make all your decisions related to financial, personal health and well-being.

Here is what the Democrat party fears and despises and in no specific order – a nuclear family with Father, Mother, healthy well-adjusted children who are positive role models and strong students. Have financial independence ability to make financial decisions around retirement, children’s education, type of cars to purchase and where to live, where to go on vacations. Ability to outline your career path and change jobs as necessary, attend weekly church service regardless of your religious affiliation, maintain a healthy lifestyle and avoid eating poor diets that encourage obesity and other related health issues which in turn makes you dependent on the pharmaceutical companies and litany of drugs. Having a daily round the table dinner without electronic devices and talking about your day’s events and accomplishments eating a healthy home cooked meal. Strong mind, and strong body will equal a strong, healthy life.

The Democrat Party wants havoc both domestically and internationally – the unrest globally and the chaos at home is exactly what they want to see because this creates and instills fear – whether it is abortion, crime, open borders, inflation, economic downturns, international wars, vaccines and viruses, natural disasters blamed on climate change, political threat to democracy this is the narrative they want because one-third of the population is controlled by fear and these things feed the narrative.

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