Never Fear: The Dems will always find a way to Fuck it up!

Here is the reality you have too many to count so-called political analysts, political consultants and pundits who believe that they are smarter than you and it is just a matter of time when those who despise and hate President Trump will go down in a big ball of flames. Be very selective of who you follow and listen to because those voices will give you seriously bad ideas and inaccurate information.

Every time you hear a leftist media personality, or a politician reference the term “MAGA Extremist” just let that fuel you and give a quick laugh or snicker. Over the last 24 hours since the 12 lost souls who made up the jury in New York decided to find President Trump guilty on 34 felony counts the Trump Campaign has raised 50+ million dollars and the majority through small donations of less than $100 dollars. Let that really sink in 50+ million in less than 24 hours, and he has increased his polling numbers advantage, and the State of New York is under 7 percentage points pretty remarkable.

Also, over that same time frame you hear stupid ass buzz words like “Lawfare”, Woke a Sleeping Giant” but hear is why November will be one-sided to President Trump – people care about three things – Keeping a roof over your head and your family, keeping food on the kitchen table, and keeping clothes on your back and when those three are financially impacted because the federal government is incompetent and total unmitigated disaster – giving billions to foreign nations and even more billions to illegal aliens along with multiple military conflicts globally you are asking for a wide spread ass beating.

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