Climate Change is NOT an existential threat to humanity

Let’s start with the reality of the situation – Earth’s age 4.5 Billion years old based on so-called scientific data survived Ice Age after Meteor / Asteroid impact covered by 80% global ocean and 20% landmasses. Alot of changes over the billion years and somehow it has continued to be in our solar system in 3rd position behind Mercury and Venus and just before Mars. Perfect spot away from our closest star neighbor the Sun.

First and foremost the Earth and Sun run in cycles that is a fact – the cycles are driven by multitude of factors and Cow’s gassy farts are not one of those factors. Sun is hotter in some cycles and colder in others, Earth’s inner core runs hotter in cycles and colder in other cycles. Makes sense that when an Earth’s opening called a volcano spews burning molten lava from the earth’s core it is pretty damn warm, would you agree?

Since the media always wants to blame climate change for any natural disasters let go ahead and look at some of the most tragic and impactful natural disasters in recorded history. Attached in the Wikipedia hyperlink List of natural disasters by death toll – Wikipedia.

What stands out on this list is the age and history of the most of these natural disasters – notice a trend – most have occurred with a smaller global population, less carbon emission – hell most have occurred prior to the combustible engine and automobile.

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